An Evil Woman

In a disappointing turn of events a young advocate for women has been successfully indoctrinated into voting for Hillary Clinton based on the “news” she has seen or read as indicated by what she writes:

Trump is a despicable, unpredictable megalomaniac that has zero plan and on top of it is racist, xenophobic, alienating, misogynist, who not only has sexually assaulted women but brags about it openly.

But will she change her mind after the alleged “victims” of Trump sexual assaults speak out in defending Trump and accuse NYT of lying about them and distorting the truth? Or will the release of emails proving the Hillary campaign is behind the turmoil be too late? Where do these women’s stories originate?

In the Marxist manual for Hillary’s campaign, Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky, a key rule is to accuse the opposition of what you do or plan to do in order to create the illusion that your position is the legitimate position. Read the details attached to this YouTube

But the truth is being revealed through emails being verified and reported upon as rapidly as possible.

When NBC “Today Show” anchor Andrea Mitchell reversed a 1999 NBC report and claimed Clinton rape victim Juanita Broaddrick’s accusation had been “discredited,” the network quickly and very quietly removed the word discredited from its web site knowing their own story from 1999 had been well documented to support Broaddrick’s accusations. But in the midst of the Clinton campaign and their promoting of accusers of Donald Trump, the network refused to apologize or even retract the word on the air.

It is incredibly disappointing that NBC and Andrea Mitchell will not publicly apologize for this egregious error, especially considering that NBC has retroactively edited the online version of the story and taken out the word ‘discredited.’”

Top allies of Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton planned to falsely accuse presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump of rape, a leaked file from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) shows.

This story became reality when Megyn Kelly rushed the story on air before verifying its contents, over and over again.”

The story was addressed by the woman who allegedly made the accusations – Ivana Trump, during divorce proceedings. Ivana’s on statements continued, “Not In The ‘Criminal Sense.’” but Kelly didn’t care to be honest in what appears now to be part of the Clinton campaign strategy.

Ivana Trump told CNN right after the story broke in The Daily Beast:

I have recently read some comments attributed to me from nearly 30 years ago at a time of very high tension during my divorce from Donald. The story is totally without merit. Donald and I are the best of friends and together have raised three children that we love and are very proud of. I have nothing but fondness for Donald and wish him the best of luck on his campaign. Incidentally, I think he would make an incredible president.

Ironically, The Daily Beast never made any attempt to verify the story with Ivana Trump before rushing the 1,700-word smear to print back in July. What’s perhaps most important about this situation is that, despite the story being entirely disproven about Trump—disproven by his own ex-wife no less— the DNC wanted to send Trump through the exact same ringer again at one point or another during the forthcoming battle with Hillary Clinton. The Democrats clearly care not one bit about accuracy, since the Party’s official opposition research files on Trump don’t even include the full story—or the fact that said accusations have been discredited.

Now let’s look at Jessica Leeds accusation about Trump being like an octopus…

As of now, the FAA cannot confirm her to have been on any passenger or crew manifest with Trump. (Another passenger who was confirmed to have been on the flight across the aisle from Trump has stated on the record that Leeds story is a lie.)

However, we can confirm that Jessica Leeds has been in a long-running property dispute with Donald Trump since at least 2007. Leeds, herself a millionaire, is quoted in the New York Daily News in 2007 complaining about Trump’s (then new) Rancho Palos Verdes Golf Course in California:

In yet another story, this one run by the Associated Press, Leeds complains of the trees on Trump’s golf courses.

In 2008, the Los Angeles Times ran with a similar story. Framing their piece as a random property dispute, the Times reported: “A Rancho Palos Verdes woman says the Donald Trump organization summarily ended a property dispute by sending a construction crew and bulldozers to rip down and relocate the fence in her backyard. The homeowner, Jessica Leeds…”

The New York Times which initially ran the accusation story could easily have found that Leeds may or may not have ever been on an airplane with Trump, but she has a nearly ten-year-old beef with the real estate mogul over a property dispute.

And so a comment to my young Hillary supporter and advocate for women rape victims I ask….

As a professional involved and concerned about the trama suffered by rape victims, and a Hillary voter, it must be sad to realize every single accusation you have made against Donald Trump is now proving beyond a doubt to be fabricated by the Hillary campaign…

By perpetrating a possible lie, the Times manipulation of serious sexual assault allegations to support the candidacy of Hillary Clinton and achieve its radical, leftist political agenda does a disservice to real victims of sexual assault. They are now forced to climb over an even higher bar to have their stories heard and justice served.

Typical of the left’s cynical whatever-it-takes approach to winning the political war — they are willing to do lasting damage to the cause of the very “victims” they’re claiming to champion.

On the other hand…

Hillary was the accuser-in-chief of attacking the credibility of Bill Clinton victims during the ‘bimbo eruption’ days of Clinton’s presidency and beyond. Some readers may remember her accusing the accusers of being bimbos when she made the comment about dragging a dollar bill through a trailer park and catching all the bimbos you could ever want.  If ever there was a “war on women” Hillary would be the most qualified candidate to be commander-in-chief.

Billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who claims to have co-founded the Clinton Global Initiative, served 13 months in jail for soliciting prostitution from a minor. Epstein is the subject of ongoing litigation involving several other underage victims, and flight logs from Epstein’s private jet show Bill Clinton flew with him at least 26 times. Vice News reported one of Epstein’s victims, Virginia Roberts, told her attorneys she had damaging information on Bill Clinton.

And now for the real issue of honesty…

North Florida-based Congresswoman Corinne Brown is the latest Clinton super delegate to receive an indictment for corruption and ethics violations. Brown allegedly received $800,000 from an organization called One Door For Education under false pretenses that the funds would be used for charitable purposes.

Late last month, Congressman Chaka Fattah was convicted on charges of racketeering, corruption and stealing charitable funds. Sen. Bob Menendez, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Gov. Dannel Malloy and the former Virginia governor who served as Clinton’s 2008 campaign chair, Terry McAuliffe, are also in the midst of corruption probes.

God Bless Edward Snowden

God Bless Julian Assange

God Bless America










Loyal Supporters – Trumps v. Hillary

Donald Trump was recently quoted as saying he could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody without losing any support. We will probably never know. But Hillary Clinton is proof that such loyalty does exist; after all she has been followed by and associated with death her entire public life.

The second plane crash of Clinton associates kills 36: In April of 1996 Bill and Hillary were living the high life in the White House but Secretary of Commerce was facing an indictment. Shortly after the Clinton’s learned that Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown had said he was “not going down alone,” Brown’s lawyer was murdered in a drive by shooting. Days later Brown and 34 others were killed in a plane crash. Even though television film crews from France and Croatia filmed teams recovering the black box, the Clinton administration told the public there was no black box on this particular government plane. For the first time ever on friendly soil, the crash of a U.S.Government aircraft was not investigated by a U.S. agency.

The following month: Less than a month after the suspicious plane crash that killed Secretary of Commerce Brown another top Clinton adviser died and the official explanation was proven wrong. The Clinton administration reported that Admiral J.M. “Mike” Boorda, Chief of Naval Operations, committed suicide. But no one who worked with Adm Boorda daily believed he would take his own life. Several years later, after retiring from the Navy, a medical corpsman who’s record supports his report, stated he had seen two hollow point bullets removed from the chest of Boorda during an autopsy procedure the administration said never took place.

Another of several plane crashes: Clinton attorney and fundraiser Hershell Friday was killed March of 1994, in a plane crash or explosion that was never explained in full.

The list is too long to detail so here are just a few more names:

Dr. Stanley Heard – plane crash

James McDougal – convicted Whitewater partner of the Clintons – died in custody prior to scheduled testimony before Ken Starr committee

Mary Mahoney – White House intern (former) murdered in alleged “robbery” where no money seems to have been taken from the women killed.

Vince Foster – Hillary’s colleague at Rose Law Firm (another) suicide

Ed Willey – (Kathleen Willey’s husband) – (another) suicide on the same day Kathleen Willey went public about Clinton gropping her in the oval office.

Jerry Parks – Arkansas trooper murdered weeks after his home was burglarized and files on Clinton sex exploits were allegedly stolen

Kathy Ferguson – murdered in her home (ruled a suicide) – she was a corroborating witness for Paula Jones and ex-husband of “troopergate” trooper Danny Ferguson

Trooper Bill Shelton – (another) suicide – he was fiancee of Kathy Ferguson and critical of official report of suicide: so he shot himself in the head a month after Kathy?

Gandy Baugh – “jumped” out of a tall building while involved in defending a Clinton associate and convicted cocaine distributor Dan Lassater

Suzanne Coleman – had an affair with Bill Clinton, was pregnant when she shot herself in the back of the head (another suicide by gunshots to the back of the head)

Jon Parnell Walker – Whitewater investigator “jumped” to his death while investigating Morgan Guarantee Trust

The list just goes on and on and on…

The lesson here is clear – Bernie Sanders should never be without protection. And make it clear he is not planning to ‘commit suicide.’

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