Socialism compared to Cooking Frogs

As more and more young Americans object less and less to Socialism, the truth about this failed ideology as a political system needs to be exposed. Perhaps more importantly, the influence of communism in the modern Democratic Party needs to be illustrated with real world examples of today; not the fading lessons of the defunct U.S.S.R. and Nazi Germany.
Recently a newly formed organization gathered speakers in Loveland. All had immigrated to the United States from Socialist / Communist countries and they came together to tell their stories of life under socialism.
While they varied in backgrounds, age and years in America, their stories of poverty, hunger and, worst of all, the despair they escaped were poignant. A common thread connecting their experiences was their education as youths.
Education focused on indoctrination is the key to the expansion of socialist ideas. And the process is slow. One of the speakers compared the decline of education and growth of socialism to the story of cooking frogs by first dropping them into comfortable cool water and gradually heating it to boiling. It is believed the frogs never understand what’s happening until it’s too late. Is that what happened in America?

Is there a lesson here for us? In 50 years the education in the United States has gradually fallen from the best in the world to struggling to be in the top 30. During those same decades the Great Society outlined by Democratic President Lyndon Johnson gained momentum as social programs gave more and more benefits while government gained more and more control over our lives.
Today we face government gaining control of every aspect of our lives. And the Democratic Party candidates for President are comfortable proclaiming they promote more socialism – not less.

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