New emails show Hillary’s expertise

While news media writers are willing to report that the Clinton foundation gave millions of dollars to a relief project in Haiti, they overlook that more money flowed into the Clinton’s bank accounts than out of them. A perfected circular financial scheme that is literally mind numbing in its simplicity but staggering in its success.

How many times have we been told that Hillary Clinton is the smartest person in the world? How often does the media report that the Clintons operate a world wide charity? Are these two stories related? The information in recently released emails forced into the sunshine of the public by years of legal effort have revealed how sophisticated the circular financial schemes of the Clintons have become.

It would be highly unlikely that any Hillary supporter with even a post graduate degree could explain the circular financial arrangement that came be called the Whitewater scandal. That lack of understanding is not because these people aren’t able to learn, it is simply that they refuse to accept the reality that those building blocks of corruption held up just long enough to support the jump to the next higher scheme.

With each new scandal with which the Clintons have been associated came the valuable experiences of learning how to cover the connection to the principles, how to benefit from the accidents and suicides that seem to have befallen so many of the Clintons’ professional partners and witnesses in investigations, and how to deflect the critics with such wit as: “I don’t recall…” and “What difference does it make…”

Anyone who has ever read a news account of a massive ponzi scheme has certainly heard a reference to shell corporations. These are portrayed as the popular arrangements for laundering money. But what is a shell corporation? How can we investigate and identify one without putting our lives in danger? Who really knows?

Which brings us back to those recently released emails of the State Department while Hillary was Secretary of State. One series of threads that are not receiving much news media attention involve the much acclaimed Clinton’s charity work in Haiti. Ten million dollars of taxpayer money controlled by the state department through the Overseas Private Investment Corporation was added to millions more from private sources and given to Claudio Osorio. Mr Osorio was going to have his contracting corporation build hundreds of homes for victims of an earthquake in Haiti.

The only problem is that Osorio’s corporation (InnoVida) “bilked investors out of $40million”1 and never built a single house in Haiti. In the trial in which Mr Osorio was convicted and is currently serving time in a prison in Dade County, Florida, it was revealed that instead of helping earthquake victims, the money was recirculated and much of it was donated back to the Clintons. Most of the $40million remains hidden overseas; perhaps additional emails soon to be forced out of the corrupt FBI and elsewhere will further link the Clinton organizations to this money cache.

Court records reveal that Osorio is a major donor to Clinton and the Clinton charity systems. In fact the timeline of emails shows that it took only about 24 hours from his initial note via the Clinton Foundation to Hillary’s staff for her to approve the $10 million grant to Osorio’s corporation. Osorio had the money in light speed time – even before his corporation had filed the usually required financial statements.

When Osorio finally became the object of an investigation, Bill Clinton stepped in to help; arranging for a powerful law firm to come to Osorio’s defense.

This is just one small email thread uncovered from the tens of thousands that Hillary testified she was not obligated to turn over to the public because they were “private.” With each new examination of these so-called “private” emails we learn just how high her pile of corruption building blocks is as she prepares to make the jump to the ultimate financial prize, the U.S. Treasury.

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2: OPIC submits its annual budget requests through the State Department

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