Question for candidates

On Truth in campaigning

In the last election cycle those of us who supported conservative candidates to victory have been nearly totally betrayed as those we elected joined with or bowed to establishment leaders in continuing to allow the expansion of socialist policies and grow the burden of debt.

  • How can we believe that if we are successful in getting you elected that we won’t get another (senator or representative) who will follow the same path to insider popularity? 


On Corruption

While she was Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton approved what has been characterized as an enormous arm deal to Saudi Arabia in spite of her department’s documenting concerns over repressive human rights policies of the Saudi royal family and protests by Israel. This approval follows a recent Saudi donation of at least $10 million to the Clinton Foundation.

That deal was only one of 20 where nations were approved for unusually large arms sales preceded by or were followed closely by millions and millions of dollars of donations to the Clinton’s foundation or to the family itself for “personal appearances.”

  • Do you have any conceptual plan to reduce the obvious corruption and out-of-control sale of influence rampant within the establishment now in control in Washington?


weapons sales to Syria

Hillary / Obama selling guns to terrorists

Degrading, De-funding, Demoralizing the Military

Comments by active and former military service members with Middle East tours are posted after numerous articles relating to the recent capture of two U.S.Navy Riverine Patrol boats by Iran. The insight these service men and women reveal about the deteriorating relationships between the U.S. and the countries in the middle east region is valuable as just one more tool to understand the extent of the steps Obama has taken and will take to complete his promised “transformation.” In addition to a relentless effort to degrade, de-budget and demoralize our military, soon the dollar itself will begin a rapid decline as the U.S. based petrodollar is replaced as the world’s trade currency.

The insulting and degrading reports that two of the navy’s finest small attack craft and their crews would simultaneously lose their way, lose their communications, lose their resourcefulness and simply surrender to the most outspoken enemy of the United States without any resistance is insulting to every current and former services member since Concord and before. Fortunately there were dozens of vessels in the area manned by more than enough honest men and women that the truth of that publicity stunt was exposed virtually overnight.

But throwing military “under the bus” to hide the truth has been standard operating procedure for this administration since 2008. Benghazi notwithstanding let us not forget an earlier event that dishonored the life and sacrifice of Commander Job W. Price, a SEAL assigned to the security detail of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on a not-too-secret trip to Ahwaz, Iran to meet with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. When Cmdr Price was killed in the crash of the C-12 Huron that injured Clinton, his body was immediately flown to Afghanistan where a statement was issued by the military that he had committed suicide. But when concern that his fellow SEAL team members might ask how he got from Iran to Afghanistan and why, the official story changed to simply that his death was under investigation – no results these past 4 years. It appears that the memory of Cmdr Price’s outstanding and honorable service was dishonored to protect Obama’s nuclear trade negotiations with Iran.

The Iran nuclear agreement orchestrated by president Obama opened the bank doors to allow Iran to access hundreds of billions of dollars. And while the media and politicians focused on the fact that Iran will now be able to develop nuclear weapons, Iran immediately began converting those gifted assets away from dollars. Other nations of the region recognize the power of the economic weapon Obama handed over to our most vocal enemy – the power to destroy the U.S. Dollar and with it our economy and the little remaining faith in America to be trusted around the world.

NBC medical correspondent Robert Bazell probably said it best, “…there’s something else going on here that we’re not being told.”

Meanwhile the efforts by Russia and Iran to thrive in spite of Western sanctions was being helped by the growing demand for Iranian oil in China. Even though Obama has lifted sanctions against Iran and added some $170billion of U.S. taxpayer money to sweeten the deal, Russia, China and Iran have agreed to trade without the use of the U.S. dollar as the base currency. This trade exchange without the use of the dollar tied to oil will undermine the economy of Saudi Arabia and the petrodollar relationship that has tied the U.S. to Saudi Arabia and OPEC since America abandoned the gold standard for the dollar some fifty years ago.

It is no secrete among those who serve in the military in the region that the Saudi government is not happy with the Obama administration placing its priorities to appease Iran above the 50 years of cooperation with Saudi Arabia and the other friendly nations in the region. Many believe the refusal by the Saudis to allow the U.S. Navy to use Saudi territorial waters is one reason the Riverine Patrol boats were so close to Iran’s Farsi Island in the first place.

After degrading the military the non-dollar trading has the effect of disarming the West’s last biggest weapon; economic sanctions. The affect has already begun to spread beyond the sanctioned countries.

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